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Things To Do Around The House This Fall

As fall approaches, it’s important to prepare your home for the cold temperatures that winter will bring. In addition to common landscaping tasks like raking leaves and pruning back shrubs, your home requires maintenance and preparation during the fall to prevent damage that can occur from cold winter temperatures. Here are the top five fall home maintenance tips that will keep your home warm and inviting and prevent wintertime damage. 

1. Make Sure Your Roof Is In Good Shape

In addition to trimming trees around your roof to prevent damage from fallen branches, fall is a great time to clean gutters and ensure they’re well-anchored. This task can also include checking that downspouts are clear to avoid ice dams during the winter. Inspect the roof for warning signs like loose or damaged shingles, warping, or black algae stains. You should also check that roof flashings—the thin metal material that directs water off the roof—are in good shape. 

2. Heating System Check

Fall is a great time to test your furnace and thermostat, change the air filters, and clean the heat exchanger. If you have hot water radiators, test those, too. After that, clean the ducts and check that your humidifier is in good condition. Insulation is also part of what keeps your home warm, so check attic insulation and ventilation to ensure your home retains heat during the winter. 

3. Check Foundation For Cracks

Ice or water seeping into existing cracks could spell trouble come spring. This is why you should caulk and seal openings where water can enter and form ice that can lead to long-term damage. You can also look out for leaning walls, sloping floors, or cracks in walls or floor. Getting your chimney checked and filling in any cracks should also be a part of this process. 

4. Ensure Doors and Windows are In Good Shape

Fall is the time to replace those screen doors with protective storm doors while also checking that all other windows and doors in the home are sealed properly. You can also take time to make sure that the frames and weather stripping are in good condition. Another key step is to draft-proof doors by installing new weather stripping or sweeps on the bottoms to prevent hot air from escaping.

5. Prep Your Plumbing System

This fall, you should drain your garden hose before storing it and turn off the valve for exterior water. Prevent damage from frozen pipes inside your home by checking the pipes’ insulation. Keep in mind that you may need to re-install insulation around the pipes if it has broken down or otherwise needs to be replaced. An additional safeguard in this process is installing heat cables for vulnerable pipes. As a last step in prepping your plumbing system, take time to service the water heater so you have access to hot water throughout the winter. 

For more home maintenance and inspection advice, call South Sound Inspections for quality evaluations and expertise. 

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