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6 Ways to Maintain Your Home This Summer

With longer days and hot months ahead, it’s a great time to tackle summer home maintenance projects, especially if you missed out on some tasks in the spring. Follow these six summer home maintenance tips to keep your home in great condition and prevent damage from the elements. Taking good care of your home during the summer can help prolong the life of your roof, gutters, landscaping and more.  

Power wash exteriors

Whether concrete, wood or other material, your deck can last longer and look better if it gets power washed. Power washing helps to remove the dirt, mold, mildew or algae that can make your deck a slippery, un-safe surface to walk on. You can also power wash brick and aluminum siding exteriors. Be mindful when operating power washing equipment because it can cause splintering in wood decks. Also, plan to power wash on milder days because extreme sun or heat may dry out the cleaning agents and prevent them from working properly.  After you’re done power washing your deck, it’s a good idea to seal it to prevent it from water and sun damage in the future. 

Check your HVAC System and AC 

Check your AC unit and get your HVAC system cleaned to ensure cool, clean air flow that won’t aggravate your allergies. Start by cleaning the HVAC supply registers and return air registers, and then vacuum clean the air ducts, clean the blower compartment and replace the furnace filter. To ensure your AC unit is working optimally, clean the condenser coils, check the fan, replace the air filter, and ensure that the insulation is intact around the coolant line. 

Inspect gutters and roof

Clean and clear gutters are important for flowing water away off your roof, which helps to prevent water damage and leaks. After cleaning out debris and leaves from the gutters, check the condition of your roof because loose shingles can be a sign of moisture entering your home. 

Paint fences, doors and other exteriors

Take advantage of a stretch of clear, dry sunny days to paint your window frames, doors shutters, and fences. Staining and sealing fences prolongs their lives by preventing damage from heat and sun. Staining tends to have longer-lasting results than painting, but both methods can help protect your exteriors from the elements. 

Repair cracked walkways and driveway

When one part of a walkway sinks, it can become uneven and pose a trip hazard. Repair walkways by adding concrete to even out un-level patches, or seal large concrete cracks with urethane caulk. Sealing your driveway can help protect it from water and heat damage, as well as cracks from melting ice during the winter. 

Prune overgrown vegetation and maintain landscaping

Prune back overgrown vegetation not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for safety: if you live in an area prone to dry, windy weather, overgrown bushes and shrubs can contribute to fire hazards. Be sure to cut down any dead or diseased branches before they damage your home’s exterior in a strong storm, and remove any other branches that lean against your home’s siding to prevent scratches or unsightly marks. 

Following these tips can help to protect your home against a variety of seasonal damage. For more information about how to keep your home in good condition year round, contact South Sound Inspections

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