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How to Ensure Your Home is Safe

There are many things that can go wrong with the electrical wiring in your home. Electrical fires are one of the most common house fires and they can even be deadly. In fact, electrical failures or malfunctions are the second leading cause of U.S. home fires. One of the most important things you can do to keep your home safe is to have it inspected by a professional. Another thing you can do to protect yourself and your family is to practice some basic safety precautions. Here at South Sound Inspections, we know how important it is for every homeowner to have a safe home. Here are some tips on home electrical safety and maintenance!

Be Careful When Working Around Electricity

Never work with electrical wiring or appliances when you are wet, as this can easily lead to a shock. Make sure to unplug appliances before working on them, and be very careful when using power tools.

Hire a Professional

It is always a good idea to have a qualified electrician do any electrical work in your home. Trying to do it yourself could lead to disaster. Even if you are handy around your home, electrical work is best left to the professionals.

Check Your Breakers

Breakers are responsible for shutting off the power to an individual circuit in your home. If a breaker keeps tripping, it’s an indication that there is too much load on the circuit. This could be a sign of a wiring problem, and you should have a

Inspect Your Outlets

Check your outlets and switches for worn cords, loose plugs, or broken sockets. If you find any of these issues, replace the outlet or switch as soon as possible. Damaged like this can easily lead to electrical problems.

Inspect your wiring regularly

Look for insulation defects, exposed wires, and other signs of damage. If you have an older home, it’s especially important to check the wiring for any signs of wear and tear. Damaged wiring can easily lead to a fire or other electrical hazard.

Don’t Overload Your Outlets

Too many appliances plugged in at once. This can cause overheating and even a fire. Be sure to only plug in what you need, and don’t use extension cords unless absolutely necessary.If you must use them, make sure they are in good condition and plugged into a grounded outlet. Extension cords can be a major fire hazard if not used correctly.

Secure Light Fixtures

Make sure all light fixtures are securely fastened to the ceiling or wall. Loose light fixtures can not only cause a fire, but they can fall down causing a tripping hazard or injury.

Keep Your Home Safe for Children

Make sure to keep cords and wires out of reach of children, and teach them not to play with electrical outlets. It’s also important to have child-proofing devices installed on your outlets to help prevent your child from getting shocked or injured.

These are just a few maintenance tips to ensure your home’s electrical safety and to prevent fires. For more information, or for a safety inspection of your home, please contact South Sound Inspections or visit our blog. We would be happy to help make sure your home is safe!

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